First off this is truly my first blog. Typing that word blog makes me laugh anyways enjoy.....Tacos are by far my favorite food. The flavor of properly seasoned wood-fired meats and freshly made corn tortilla is amazing. The one taco that resonates with me the most is "Al Pastor" because it is a simple yet complex array of flavors. Tacos "Al Pastor" have a Lebanese origin. They are typically done, if properly, on a spit. The meat is pork marinated typically with onions, pineapple and achitote. Achiote is derived from the annatto seed and give it the unique reddish orange color. The very best I have tasted are from Taqueria Tropicana in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. The chef strays away from the typical method of preparing. It is a simple marinade (a secret), a wood fire, corn tortilla, chopped white onions and cilantro. One bite of this taco and your hooked. Trust me, I have gotten many a traveler hooked on Al Pastor. 

Tacos to me are "core" cuisine, think Spring rolls in Thailand and empanadas in Argentina. A taco is not a taco without the corn tortilla. Traditional a corn tortilla is cooked on a "comal". This vessel gives it the unique flavor unable to be attained by a simple pan. To make a authentic corn tortilla one must use dried corn. A alkaline substance (slaked lime) is added to be soaked overnight. This helps soften the corn, which is then ground into a paste. 

We all love fish and/or shrimp tacos, right? I know my family does. We made shrimp tacos last night, per Kaleb's request. The combination we enjoy is spiced, charred large shrimp, chile-lime slaw, sauce rosa (piquant sauce), habanero and fresh corn tortilla. I high suggest corn tortillas for tacos. I personally do not like flour tortillas for tacos. If you like, that is ok :). If there is a place near you (taqueria, tortilleria) acquire some there. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Some other amazing tacos are carne asada (roasted beef), chivo al barbacoa (bbq'ed goat), lengua (beef tongue) and chicken "tinga" (stewed chicken w/ spices). Ok, with all this taco talk I must make lunch. Until next time....