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I draw my expierences domestically from a few of my mentors, (Amy Brandt, Jim Deller and Joel McClendon). These three are the ones who showed me discipline and creativity. My favorite cuisines are Latin and South East Asian. Although I love all cuisines. Favorite food is tacos al pastor, that story is long and blog worthy. Stay tuned. 

Here is a little background on my culinary career:

1985-1991   Various resteraunts in the Virginia Beach area (Dishwasher, prep cook, line cook)

1991- 1995  Various Outer Banks of North Carolina resteraunts (line cook, sous chef, head chef)

1995-1996  Moved to Costa Rica and opened a place in Jaco.

1996-2000 I returned to the states to get my culinary degree, (Johnson and Wales) I received National Honor Society. After school I ran Millie's in Kill Devil Hills, which is now Kill Devil Grill. 

2000-2005 I started Just Relax personal chef services, this took me to opening and International cafe in Kitty Hawk, NC.

2005-2010 Ran Ianjay Cafe, Farmer2Fork Butchery and local foods, Outer Banks Taco Bar

2010-2012 I went to West Australia and ran a wine bar kitchen in Dunsborough

2012-Present I currently own and run Eric Drexler Cuisine

So there you have it, my journey. The nuts and bolts of it can be discovered in my blog. Thanks for stopping by.



A collage of my wares

House-Made Pizza